DDR Feldflasche (1956-1965) DDR Feldflasche (1956-1965) DDR Feldflasche (1956-1965)

DDR Feldflasche (1956-1965)

In an excellent condition an early East German canteen

These early canteens resemble the Wehrmacht canteens during the late 2nd WW. Unsure which organisation within the DDR used this specifc brown leather colored canteen.

The bottle is made of aluminum and has a screw cap. A grey-green felt cover encloses the bottle. The felt cover is attached with four black snaps. The drinking cup, which bears the embossed stamp "TPW" on top, is also made of aluminium. Another stamp is also on the screw cap. TPW stands most likely for the VEB Technisch-Physikalische-Werkstätten.

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