3rd Reich Erkennungsmarke Radfahr Ersatz-Abteilung 6 3rd Reich Erkennungsmarke Radfahr Ersatz-Abteilung 6

3rd Reich Erkennungsmarke Radfahr Ersatz-Abteilung 6

In an excellent condition a Wehrmacht dog tag

The Kavallerie-Ersatz-Abteilung 6 was set up on August 26, 1939 in Darmstadt, Wehrkreis XII. The department was subordinated to Division 172. In November 1939 the department was transferred to Lissa, Wehrkreis XXI. In August 1940 the department was transferred back to Darmstadt in military district XII. From May 6, 1942, the department was under the commander of the Schnellen truppen XII. On September 11, 1942, the department was divided into a 6th Cavalry Replacement Department and a 6th Cavalry Training Department. On September 18, 1942, the two departments were renamed Cycling Replacement Department 6 and Cycling Training Department 6. On February 20, 1943, the 6th Cycling Training Department was renamed the 6th Reserve Cycling Department. After that, the reserve department to France became the LXVII. Reserve Corps transferred. On March 10, 1943, Reserve-Radfahr-Abteilung 6 was renamed Schnellabteilung 6. The Schnellabteilung 6 was set up on March 10, 1943 in the Netherlands. The Reserve Cycling Department 6 was renamed for the establishment. The detachment was assigned to Schnell Brigade 20 in Breda, Netherlands. The department was renamed Divisions-Fusilier-Bataillon 719 on August 16, 1944.

From April 1, 1943, the replacement department was again subordinate to Division 172. On April 7, 1943, the cycling replacement department 6 was renamed the reconnaissance replacement department 6. On July 4, 1944, the replacement department was renamed Reconnaissance Replacement and Training Department 6

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