Kaiserreich Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen 2. Klasse Kaiserreich Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen 2. Klasse Kaiserreich Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen 2. Klasse

Kaiserreich Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen 2. Klasse

In a very good condition a Prussian general honor medal 2nd class, with ribbon bar

The general medal of honor was granted by King Friedrich Wilhelm III. Donated on January 18, 1810. At that time under the designation General Merit Medal, this was awarded in 2 classes as a medal, gold and silver. In 1814 the 1st class was converted into a silver cross. As early as 1830, the 1st class was converted into the Red Eagle Order 4th Class or awarded instead. From this point on, the general badge of honor was one class. The award was the most frequently given award in the Kingdom of Prussia due to the long award period. Over the long period, changes were made to the stamps and various changes to the ribbons, as well as additional attributes. Anniversary tags were introduced in 1851. In 1890 a general gold medal was donated again. In 1912 the Foundation of the General Decoration of Honor in bronze followed. As early as 1900, the gold medal was replaced by the cross of the general badge of honor. This could also be awarded with a crown as an upgrade. During the war of 1870/71 the commemorative ribbon and the red cross were donated. Medals with additions such as the red cross are often forged in order to achieve a price increase. Prices are based on the chronological allocation of the various stamps on the medal. Early medals with a small crown and filed eyelet are valued significantly higher than the variant shown.

Round silver medal with a raised rim and a large, parallel eyelet on top.


At the edge a laurel wreath tied with a bow at the bottom.
In the enclosed field, the raised, 3-line font:
- MERIT - / - TO - / - THE - STATE -.

In the center above the 5-arched Prussian royal crown.
Underneath are the ornate and squiggled letters - F - W - R -.
Under the - R - between the arches the Roman 3 - III -.

white 35 mm, white edges 2.5 mm, orange side stripes 7 mm.

Code: 50512

70.00 EUR